MSI Advantages

There are countless benefits when using MSI as a component of your process for seeking new employment.  With MSI, your skills are matched against hundreds of jobs we see on a regular basis.  Many of these positions you may not even be aware of.  We contact you to get your approval prior to revealing your name or submitting your resume to any of our clients.  Therefore, you do not run the risk of your current employer knowing you are on the job market if currently employed.

MSI offers multiple contractual agreements:

  • Direct Hire Placement - This option provides our client’s with the option of directly hiring you as their employee immediately.
  • Temp to Hire Placement – This option enables you to observe and evaluate a potential employer as a MSI W-2 employee.  After a designated period of time the client hires you as a fulltime employee of their organization.  Many of our clients use this program to evaluate skills, productivity, work ethic, and team chemistry before committing permanent hire dollars.
  • Temporary/Contract Placement - This option enables you to work at a client site for a designated period of time. Candidates remain MSI W-2 employees and typically support our clients from 1 day to 1 year.  In many cases, Temporary and Contract work provides candidates with a bridge to permanent employment.  This allows you to try out a prospective employer and showcase their skills for a permanent job.

We understand that your time is valuable.  Therefore, we will not oversell you on a job or oversell a client on you.  When we submit your resume to a client we are confident that the position is right for you and you are right for the client.

The success and future of MSI hinges on satisfied candidates and clients. Therefore, you can be assured that only the best efforts will be put forth in securing you with the best-suited position possible. This benefits your future and ours.

MSI understands that looking for a new job is never easy.  Going it alone can become frustrating and exclude you from being considered for many jobs that you may not be aware of.  Dealing with large staffing agencies that make you feel like a number in a vast database doesn't exactly instill confidence in the Recruiting Industry.  With MSI you get personalized attention that ensures you not only find a great job, but the right job. 

Our client base includes hundreds of top employers throughout the United States, including Fortune 500 companies. Many are dedicated to using only our services. Therefore, we have access to jobs that never appear in the papers, the internet, or on lists at other staffing agencies.

Each year, Staffing companies match millions of people to millions of jobs.  According to the American Staffing Association’s website, more than 90% of companies in the U.S. use staffing firms, and 40% of employees looking for their first job or who are reentering the job market have done so by working with a staffing company.

While our offices are physically located in Alexandria, Richmond and Pensacola, based on regular requests by many of our nationwide clients, MSI has positions throughout the United States in a wide variety of geographical locations.

We offer candidates such as yourself, personal service, confidentiality, and the most ethical, professional standards in the recruiting industry.  MSI works with job seekers with various skills, education, accomplishments, and skill levels; finding them the right Job at clients ranging from aggressive startups to global corporations.  From entry level to upper management, we can help you find the perfect career opportunity.

Our highly desired Jobs are with well known respected corporations in well-represented sectors including Aerospace, Financial Services, Health Services, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Defense, Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Non-Profit, Associations, and Telecommunications.

We aim to please you and our clients. We will not oversell you on a job or oversell a client on you. MSI has developed a reputation as an agency that can be trusted to be straight forward and truthful with all parties.

Unlike Employment Agencies, our staff recruiting service is absolutely free for all candidates.  There is never a charge to any candidate using our services.

Personalized, one-on-one service is given to all of our candidates.

Because of our experience, client list, and scope of staffing services provided, you can't afford not to include MSI in your job search!!