How much does it cost to use your services?

  • Nothing. You are not responsible for any fee or hidden cost when using our Staffing Services.  Furthermore, we have no restrictions or exclusivity requirements, you can work with any and all other agencies or job placement organization at any time.

What are the advantages of using MSI?

  • MSI is aware of many positions that organizations are trying to fill that are not advertised on Job Boards or their web sites.  Therefore MSI can ensure you are considered for positions not advertised to the general public. In addition our staff personally places your resume in the hiring manager’s hands to ensure your resume receives the attention it deserves.

Do you offer any permanent positions?

  • Yes. MSI recruits for many Fortune 500 companies that are seeking candidates for direct placement, temp-to-hire, as well as contract positions.  Prior to submitting you for consideration, MSI will review the details of each position with you so you.  You will be aware of the type of position, the location, the job description, and the actual client before your resume placed in the hiring managers hands for review.

Who determines the Rates and Salary that I will be eligible for?

  • That depends.  Pay rates vary substantially, client-to-client, role-to-role and depending on your skills and experience.  We will review any rate or full time salary that the position will pay prior to submitting your resume to the client. We will only submit your resume if you approve all aspects of the job including the pay.

When will I be paid?

  • All MSI employees are paid on a weekly basis and have the option of having their funds directly deposited into their bank account or a paycheck will be mailed to you.

If MSI places me on a contract position, what happens when my contract ends?

  • Prior to the end of your contract, your Recruiter will contact you to discuss any currently available opportunities that you may want to consider or begin an new search process for you.

What do I do when I know I will not be able to make it to work?

  • If you are a temporary or temp-to-hire employee, MSI is technically your employer. In the event you will be late or absent from your assignment, you must notify your supervisor at the client site and your Recruiter at MSI.