MSI is a full service staffing agency offering a variety of employment programs to fit the diverse needs of each of our valued clients and employees.  We recognize that in order to succeed in a highly competitive market MSI must differentiate itself from the competition.  We do this by recognizing the unique needs of our clients, customizing our services to fit those needs, being in constant communication with our clients, utilizing a vast set of tools to identify the most qualified candidates, and listening carefully to the feedback we receive from you. 

Since 2005, MSI has been one of the most successful and trusted recruiting firms in the DC metropolitan area and since has expanded that same exceptional service to several other US locations including Richmond, VA and Pensacola, FL. 

Our selected industry focus and staffing experience enables MSI to screen candidates very carefully and ultimately create the best possible fit between top talent and the organizations we support. This ensures maximum productivity and minimum staff turnover. Furthermore, the personalized service offered by MSI provides our clients with the highest caliber of personnel available.

By working with MSI, organizations can quickly find individuals with specific skill sets or hard to find work experience.  Those individuals can be brought on board for a brief period or they can be hired permanently.  For more information about the many services we provide or to speak with an Account Manager about an upcoming requirement please contact MSI Sales Department at 703-683-5101.