IVR Support Engineer - 3632

Seeking an IVR Support Engineer who is experienced in IVR technologies (Avaya Experience Portal preferred), SIP, and have deployed and worked with IVRs and associated technologies.   Must have excellent troubleshooting skills and capable of resolving complex telephony issues by utilizing standard tools and detailed log analysis. Must have thorough understanding of IVR performance. Have the ability to develop and deploy call flows utilizing common tools and standards. 
- Works with overall IVR and speech recognition technologies in self-service systems to ensure optimal customer experience with our Client’s implemented solutions.
- Understanding of large Call Center environments.  Avaya Experience Portal and Call Center experience is desired.

-  Strong SQL Database skills
- Develops and executes on end-to-end test scenarios involving PBX and IVR routing ensuring 100% test coverage.
- Familiar with caller experience evaluation methodologies and knowledgeable about when to use which one to solve business problems.
- Contributes to the strategic planning for our Client’s natural language / voice recognition self-support systems.
- Continuously iterates and improves our Client’s Telephony systems and  IVR,  based on extensive analysis of IVR call flows, exit points, utilization, speech performance, and call listening. 
- Defines intuitive troubleshooting and customer process flows to enable self-service. 
- Researches and implements IP Telephony monitoring tools in order to detect performance or any network issues related to IP telephony call quality.
- Works extensively and builds effective relationships with the Customer Care, Telephony, IT, Engineering, and Network Operations teams.
- Customer-focused, and actively and consistently supports all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience.
- Expands role into other Interactive Customer Care initiatives as required. 

Skills / Abilities and Knowledge 
Ability to read, write, speak and understand English

Strong SQL Database skillset
Ability to analyze and synthesize complex data
Ability to listen to and interpret the needs of the customer 
Ability to maintain high levels of energy and create a positive environment
Ability to make decisions and solve problems while working under pressure
Ability to use personal computer and software applications (i.e. Microsoft Office etc.) 
Ability to work with others to resolve problems, handle requests or situations employees, customers, suppliers, in person, on the phone, and by written communications in a clear, straight-forward, and professional manner
Ability to manage multiple projects while coordinating efforts across a variety of functional areas
Customer focused
Exceptional written communications skills
Exceptional verbal communications skills
Independent thinker
Knowledge of cable and telecommunications products and services (e.g., Cable/High Speed Internet/ Telephone)
Strong knowledge of telephony and customer support systems technology 
Strong analytical approach to presenting recommendations and making decisions 
Technically savvy



??MSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.