Helpdesk Technician - 3610


  • Helpdesk Engineer provides systems support and business (functional) assistance to users..
  •  begin troubleshooting of the reported problem, and determine if the problem is one-of-a-kind in nature or is potentially system-wide.
  • Classify and provide analysis, including analysis of the problem as it relates to prior  tickets or previous trouble tickets.
  • Refer those tickets that cannot be resolved within the SOP time parameters, with an escalation t.
  • Recommend whether on-site government assistance and support is needed, based on a Priority 1 problem ticket or work order affecting remote users or locations.
  • Provide advanced and complex technical support for all base-level applications.
  • Provide desk side one-on-one training upon special request from end users.This service is estimated at 20 requests per month with a 4 hour response time.
  • Develop training materials, as needed, if not available from US Tax Courts
  • Set up and de-install of computers.This includes special requests for training room setup and de-install
  • Coordination and execution of end-user loaner program for computers, laptops and peripherals (i.e. portable printers, projectors, keyboard, mouse, etc.).
  • Contractor shall provide documentation log, retest and check-in all returned equipment
  • Assistance with printing, scanning, faxing, etc; Mobile devices configurations and management
  • Installing or de-installing user applications, moving computers
  • Exit assistance for users leaving the headquarters facility; Disk wipe hard drive, prepare inventory paperwork, and store for re-use
  • Maintain US Tax Courts Operating System (currently Microsoft Windows 7) and provide testing, trouble shooting, documentation, and consultation to assure all US Tax Courts applications can run under USGCB compliant guidelines
  • Provide Operating System updates, upgrades as required by the US Tax Courts. The US Tax Courts may migrate to Windows 10 within the task order period.Full planning, application testing, configuration, administration, and deployment shall be the responsibility of the Contractor.Performance AQLs can be re-negotiated during and after the upgrades
  • Writing and testing install scripts, troubleshooting problems with configuration settings, test and integration of applications
  • Work with the US Tax Courts security operations team to conduct desktop virus scan, and remediate infected systems.
  • Conduct desktop data recovery and backup.


  • At least 4 years of IT experience with A+ or Network+ certification
  • Experience training end users is desired
  • A bachelor's degree in IT related field is desired but not required
  • Position of Public Trust (SF85P) – Citizen

They do not need a public trust coming in the door but must be clearable to obtain one (no pending convictions, felonies, etc)

Needs to have A+/Network+, 4 yrs. exp. and ability to do MS Office training (mostly Outlook); no flexibility on those requirements.


MSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.