Senior Network Engineer - 3544

A senior-level lead network engineer talent with a minimum of 4 years large enterprise experience administering network systems and services.  Both verified Cisco experience and certification are required; CCNA.CCNP,  are a must.  Evaluates, analyzes and makes recommendations for improvements to system-wide telecommunications network, equipment, and services.  

Analyzes existing trends in communications services technology and develops a long-range strategic plan that will integrate with the overall technology plan of the organization.

Consults with appropriate system personnel to determine communications needs. Make recommendations on systems with the objective to maximize service and minimize cost.  Performs in-house studies and supervises studies performed by commercial communication representatives to determine the cost effectiveness and efficiency of communication services. Has experience and assists in VOIP, data circuits, metro ethernet, switched ethernet service, wireless, and all Internet access lines. Negotiates with commercial telephone companies and vendors to obtain communications service and equipment.  

Conduct drills and contributes to update of disaster recovery documentation to detect faults and decrease or eliminate mean time to recovery for district access.   Contributes to accurate inventory of all associated telecommunications equipment for internal compliance processes.  Generate consistent telecommunicates usage and inventory reporting. 

Coordinate, maintain and assist in negotiations of service agreements.   Ensures seamless execution of departmental policies, procedures and works towards customer satisfaction via the delivery of reliable services and personable communications.

Security conscious and compliance aware, contributes to update of districts security policy/procedure, monitors and reports on the protective measures for system security.  Knowledge of project management institute (PMI) methodology is desired; PMP, CISCO, CISSP or similar technology certification is a plus 

MSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.