Software Developer - 3523

Our Client’s Development Team is seeking a Software Developer to design, develop and deploy its cloud based web services. The developer will work with a focused and tightknit team, building software using Java or Scala frameworks, migrating away from older Ruby on Rails applications, as well as other tools that catch our eye, including Go and Kubernetes (we are a developer friendly organization).

We develop and maintain several suites of applications for both internal and external customers. Most applications are concerned with local and state level government finances, and taxation. Experience within that business domain is helpful but not necessary.

Our group aspires toward a flexible, test driven development methodology. We continuously integrate and deploy. We build things with agility, without strapping ourselves into any particular branded Agile framework. We remote pair code review, and test for coverage, complexity, and style.

The team currently deploys on AWS, AWS GovCloud and Google Cloud, using Docker containers as our binary artifact. Because of this, any Cloud Provider experience, Kubernetes, and Docker would be a plus.

Our development culture is highly collaborative, constructively critical, and focused on delivering quality, well tested applications. The Software Developer will work closely with other members of the Software team at every level, participate in discussions around design and implementation, and pair with other members of the team to both learn and teach.


The Software Developer will be responsible for the implementation and deployment of software applications and components under the direction of the Services Team Manager and in collaboration with other Software Developers.

The Software Developer should be able to communicate clearly with management, developers and quality assurance. They should also be able to estimate levels of effort and time to completion for software related tasks.

The Software Developer will be responsible for the maintenance of existing software, including data corrections, bug fixes, and configuration changes. This may include diagnosing problems in user workflow and identifying training needs, though this will be primarily handled by project management.

The Software Developer will be expected to mentor and learn. This includes preparing documentation, presentations, demos, samples, and other lightweight training materials, and/or participating in training sessions conducted by other developers.


? High level of proficiency with either Java, Scala, or similar JVM technology

? Experience with Unix like environments

? Very solid knowledge of HTTP

? Proficiency with data modeling with an RDBMS, a Key/Value store, or both

? Familiarity with how JavaScript applications will consume the api services delivered

? Ability to work smoothly with users and teammates of varying skill levels

? Ability to mentor and guide the development of less experienced developers

? Ability to work independently when necessary at the component or system level

? Strong communication and documentation skills

Bonus Qualifications

? Familiar with Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud offerings

? Familiar with Kubernetes

? Familiar with Docker and containerization technologies

? Experienced at developing with ‘agility’, as applied to the SDLC


MSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.