Data Entry - Facility Operations Tech - 3456

MSI is looking for someone strong with excel and data entry to support our client's Facility Operations Center in Ashburn, VA. This position is working within the Data Center Global Services organization, and looking for an individual with proven and tested leadership skills to help bring to fruition a newly developed Facilities Operations Center. This team will ensure that the customer experien

Responsibilities Include:

  • Switching between workbooks, and copying a worksheet to another workbook
  • Creating 3-D formulas to link worksheets and workbooks
  • Adding a Watch window
  • Linking workbooks, creating external links, and redirecting links
  • Creating a workspace
  • Applying built-in and custom number formats
  • Using functions to format text
  • Creating, modifying, and applying styles
  • Applying and modifying themes
  • Merging and splitting cells, and changing cell orientation
  • Transposing data
  • Adding backgrounds and watermarks
  • Creating outlines to summarize and consolidate data
  • Creating subtotals and using multiple subtotal functions
  • Naming cells and ranges, and using names in formulas
  • Modifying and deleting names
  • Defining and applying 3-D names
  • Sorting and filtering lists Using advanced filtering options
  • Creating, formatting, and modifying tables, and pivot tables
  • Applying structured referencing in table formulas
  • Calculating sum, average, and count values in a filtered table list
  • Saving and publishing a worksheet as a Web page
  • Saving a workbook as a PDF file Inserting and editing hyperlinks
  • Sending worksheets via e-mail
  • Using advanced chart formatting options
  • Creating combination charts and trendlines
  • Inserting and formatting graphic elements in charts
  • Using auditing features
  • Adding comments to worksheets and workbooks
  • Protecting a worksheet
  • Sharing, merging, and tracking changes in workbooks
  • Using the Document Inspector and marking workbooks as final
  • Changing default application settings
  • Using built-in templates, and creating and managing templates

MSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.