Why Us

With literally thousands of staffing companies in the United States, partnering with the right company can make a world of difference to your organization.  You need a partner who is a proven expert at finding the best technical talent in the market.  A partner dedicated to industry-best practices who understands your business needs and can produce results every single time.  MSI is that company.


  • Specializes in staffing Information Technology, Accounting, and Administration personnel.
  • Provides Flexible Contract Terms,
  • Follows an Effective and Vigorous Screening Process,
  • Employ’s Teamwork.

Strong awareness in our brand draws excellent candidates to our door and the use of advanced internal systems enable us to find, assess, and allocate the best possible candidate for your needs. Our excellent candidate pool provides us with the ability to efficiently and precisely solve your Staffing needs.

MSI stands ready to support all upcoming staffing requirements, and looks forward to establishing a strong partnership with your organization.  We are available around the clock to make sure everyone working with MSI is 100% satisfied.

Metro Systems, Inc (MSI) sets itself apart from the competition by:

  • Being highly focused, specializing in Information Technology, Accounting, and Administration personnel.
    • Unlike many of our competitors who try to be everything to everyone, we’re staffing professionals that specialize in key industries.
  • Offering multiple contract options to meet all your contract needs: Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire, and Contract,
    • Temp-to-Hire, Allows you to evaluate skills, productivity, work ethic, and team chemistry before making a long term commitment.
    • Direct Hire, allows you to hire candidates immediately on a contingent-fee basis.
    • and Contract, are ideal when you need to temporarily augment your staff to meet your project needs.
  • Flexibility
    • National staffing agencies may have an advantage of economies of scale; however, the personalized service offered by MSI gives you a higher caliber of personnel. Being flexible allows us to react to your needs faster, be less expensive, and offer you more customizable features without all the corporate red-tape.
  • Effective and Vigorous Screening Process
    • MSI places emphasis on finding the right candidate that does more than just fill the job description. Our experienced recruiters perform all facets of the screening process and are more than willing to customize our processes to fit your specific needs. It is this emphasis on deep recruiting practices that allows us to offer the finest applicants and job seekers available.
  • And, Employing Teamwork.
    • When you work with MSI, you’re working with an entire team of experts. Together, the team works to understand your specific needs and wants, identify top industry talent that meets your criteria, and successfully recruit them to your organization.